Rotrics DexArm User Manual V1.2

📅Update: 2021/05/12


🙌Welcome on board!

This manual instructs you on how to assemble and use DexArm's functions for drawing and writing, laser engraving, 3D printing, etc. Each section includes:

  1. Steps you must follow to make sure the robot arm works properly. They are marked with "1/2/3".

  2. FAQs that help you troubleshoot problems you encounter.

  3. Tips that you may not notice but is useful for a better experience.

Before Use

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Getting Started

🎮Hands-on Guide🎨Writing/Drawing🎇Laser Engraving🛸3D Printing🦾Teach & Pneumatic

Product Overview

🗺️Product Overview💾Software - Rotrics Studio🍴Accessories

FAQ & Troubleshooting




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