DexArm movement accuracy problem
1) DexArm's initial calibration position: the Axis-1 and Axis-2 arms are at the maximum position, and the base is right in the middle, as shown in the following picture:
    The Arm inverse kinematics is calculated based on this initial calibration position.
    Command M1111 moves the Arm to this initial calibration position. Please re-calibrate the arm if there is any position deviation.
    Manually place the Arm in this initial calibration position, and then send command M889 via Terminal to re-calibrate the Arm.
    HOME button (or command M1112) moves the Arm to the Home position (X0 Y300 Z0)
2) The end-effector offset value
    The Arm inverse kinematics also requires different offset values for different end-effectors. A wrong offset value will cause a large deviation in Y-axis.
    Command M888 Pn can set the right offset value for different modules. Command M888 without P parameter can check the current module.
    When using the pen holder module, please pays attention to the installation of the pen. The pen must be parallel to the pen module. If not, the end-effector offset value will be incorrect, and your writing/drawing works will have a large deviation in the size.
3) Leveling
    It’s required to leveling the Arm when the working desktop (such as the 3D printing plate) and the Arm base are unlevel.
    Generally speaking, if you are working on a relatively flat desktop, there is no need to do leveling, and please send command M891 X0 Y0 to clear history leveling records.
    After sending command M891 X0 Y0, please do reboot the arm at first. Command M892 is to read the Leveling parameters, this command does not require a reboot.
    If the XY-axis parameters are too large during leveling, please double-check your working desktop and calculation method. Due to the kinematic structure of the Arm, it is not recommended to set a large XY-axis parameter.
4) Technical Support:
If the above solutions still cannot solve your problem, please sort out the following information and contact us.
    The current firmware version and Rotroics Studio version,
    The G-code file you are using,
    Please specify the deviation axis,
    A video will help us to analyze the problem.
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