❗Important - Safety Guideline

Improper use of the laser engraving module may cause fire, eye or skin injury, or other laser burn hazards. Please read the following safety instructions before using the laser engraving function.

Before started

  • Make sure that the robot arm is power off before installing laser module,

  • Wear the Safety Goggles before set up and throughout the laser engraving process,

  • Never expose yourself directly to the laser beam,

  • Use with adequate ventilation,

  • Any teenager should be continuously supervised by a responsible adult.

  • Never use this laser module for pointing purpose.

Laser safety

Rotrics laser engraving modules are Class 4 laser product. They can burn the skin, or cause devastating and permanent eye damage as a result of direct, diffuse or indirect beam viewing. We provide a pair of laser safety goggles to protect your eyes, laser safety enclosure is available from our website: www.rotrics.com.

Electornics safety

  • Do not modify, disassemble or repair Rotrics robot arm.

  • Install and operate the arm and module according to the manual.

  • If Rotrics arm is operating improperly, turn off the arm and contact our technical support immediately: support@rotrics.com.

Fire safety

  • The laser module may ignite combustible materials, and thus may represent a fire risk.

  • Never leave the laser engraving module unattended when in operation.

  • Keep a fire extinguisher at the facility in case laser accidently cause fire outbreak.

  • Keep the arm clean.

Smoke safety

Fumes and smoke generated during laser engraving is harmful to human body. If you are operating inside a building, make sure that you have installed a properly maintained fume exhausting system.

Material requirements

Some materials will create toxic gases, vapors and particulates, the following materials are safe to engrave on: wood(MDF), paper, leather, bamboo, fabric, acrylic, anodized aluminum.

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