📅Update: 2020/05/17

Rotrics 3.5-inch touchscreen can control robot arm motion and module functions. You can also download G-code files into SD card, and use touchscreen to control offline.

User Interface


Wi-Fi Connection

Wi-Fi connection status icon, press to check Wi-Fi connection status,


The return button, press to return to the previous menu,


The homepage button, press to return to homepage,

Emergency Stop

The emergency stop botton, press to stop robot arm, use only in emergencies,


The basic control interface, to control robot arm movement in X, Y, Z axis, or reset robot arm to origin position,


The laser control interface, to control robot arm movement in X, Y, Z axis and power on/off laser, mainly used for adjusting laser focus length,


The drawing interface, to select built-in stick figure to draw. It is mainly used to teach children.

3D Printing

The 3D printing control interface, to change filaments,

Air Pick

The air pump box control interface, to control action of suction cup and softgripper,


The voice recognition function interface, press to start recognize your voice,


The teaching-playback function interface, to teach robot arm to record and repeat your movement,

SD Card

The SD card management interface, to choose relevant G-code file and start writing/drawing, laser engraving, 3D printing or picking/placing offline,


The setting interface, to choose language, set leveling, adjust pen height, or reset the touchscreen.

Basic Control


Control the movement in X, Y, Z axis, click to control movement in relevant direction,


Working HOME position button, click to return robot arm to the HOME position,


Robot Arm calibration button, click to re-calibrate the robot arm.

Motor Disable

Motor disable button, click to disable the motor, drag the robot arm to the corresponding position.


Laser ON/OFF

Laser on/off button, click to turn on or turn off the laser. The default setting is to turn on/off laser under the max power. Wear the Safety Goggles before you set up the laser engraver and throughout the laser engraving process.


Click the left and right triangle buttons to switch pictures, click "Choose" to select the relevant picture.

Start / Pause / Stop

Click the corresponding button to start, pause, stop the current working.

3D Printing

Target Temp

Target temperature of 3D printing nozzle,

Current Temp

Current temperature of 3D pinting nozzle,

Change PLA

PLA filament change button, click to preheat nozzle to 200℃, after temperature reaches 200℃, you can change the filament,

Change ABS

ABS filament change button, click to preheat nozzle to 240℃, after temperature reaches 240℃, you can change the filament,



Pick and place button, click to control suction cup or softgripper to pick/place items,


Click to stop air pump box,


Voice recognition button, Wi-Fi connection required, support multi-language. Click to recognize voice content, and then command robot arm to complete relevant tasks. Currently, only the built-in picture drawing functions are available.


SD Card

The G-code excution interface, click to choose relevant G-code and start working.


Setting interface of the touchscreen, click to adjust pen height, set 3D printing leveling, connect to Wi-Fi, change language, reset the touchscreen.

Connect with DexArm

Use dual Type-C cable to connect robot arm and the touchscreen.

Click the following link to learn how to use touchscreen to adjust laser focal length, change 3D printing filament, leveling:

  • adjust laser focal length

  • 3D printing work origin position setting

  • leveling

  • 3D printing filament change

  • control pneumatic module

  • control teach&play

Control DexArm's Movement

1. connect touchscreen to the robot arm

2. Click Basic

3. Click Hometo move robot arm to HOME position

4. Click X, Y, Z button to control robot arm movement.

Use SD card to work offline

1. Copy the G-code file into SD card

2. Set paremeters before run the G-code file

  • For laser engraving, maker sure you have adjusted the focal length and set the origin position

  • For writing/drawing, make sure you have set the start height value

  • For 3D printing, make sure you have set the start height

3. Click SD card

4. Choose your G-code file

5. Click Startto work offline

Touchscreen Recalibration

Touchscreen recalibration is added in Touchscreen firmware V1.1.0 or above. Please confirm your touchscreen firmware version before recalibration.

Method 1: Touchscreen > Setting > Factory Reset > Touchscreen Recalibration

Method 2: Add an empty file named "touchscreen_recalibration.conf" to the directory: sdcard\firmware. If the Touchscreen reads this file during startup, it will enter the recalibration.

SetWorkOrigin & SetWorkHeight Difference

For G-code generated by Rotrics Studio, the working start point is X0 Y300. So when 3D printing with the touchscreen, you need to set G92 Z0 E0 (Set WorkHeight).

For G-code generated by third-party software, like Cura, the working start point is X0 Y0. So when 3D printing with the touchscreen, you need to set G92 X0 Y0 Z0 E0 (Set WorkOrigin/ Set Origin).

Note: if you set the working start point wrongly, the Arm movement will beyond limits, or when you click start to start printing, only the filament squeezes out, the Arm won't move.

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