How to Fix a Black Screen after upgrading the firmware?

If the touchscreen reboot to a black screen after firmware upgraded, you need to restore the touchscreen to factory settings:

1) Download the newest touchscreen firmware below and unzip the ‘V1.0.10 For Black‘ file and copy those files to the SD card.

2) For the Arm firmware V2.1.2 or above, please open Rotrics Studio and click "Terminal", then send command M5010000 to restore.

For the Arm firmware lower than V2.1.2, please refer to these steps to upgrade your firmware: How to upgrade Rotrics firmware. then use Terminal to send command M5010000.

3) Connect touchscreen to the robot arm, the touchscreen will light up again after a few seconds.

4) DexArm needs to be powered off and reboot to complete the touchscreen reset.

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