Conveyor Belt Kit Installation Guide

1. Part List

  1. Conveyor Belt x 1

  2. Frame x 2

  3. Stand x 2

  4. Camera Module x 1

  5. Wood Block x 16

  6. Production Line Map x 1

  7. Motor Cable x 1

  8. M4 Allen Key x 1

  9. Foot Mat x 4

  10. M4 x 8 Hex Screw x 16

  11. M4 Slide Nut x 7

2. Tool

M4 Allen Key

3. Assemble the conveyor belt

3.1 Prepare for installation.

3.1.1 Prepare conveyor belt Stand.

Stick 4 foot mats on the back of two Stands.

3.1.2 Prepare the conveyor belt frame.

Screw 6 M4 x 8 hex screws on your conveyor belt frame with the slide nuts. Don't fasten the screws until next step.

🧙‍♂️ Tips: If you want to place the conveyor belt on a tilted desk, you could use two slope holes to mount the frames.

3.2 Assemble the conveyor belt Frame.

🧙‍♂️ Tips: when screwing on, screw to loose a little bit first and then fasten, it will help the slid nuts firmly stuck in the slide.

3.3 Assemble the conveyor belt Stand.

3.4 Assemble the camera module.

3.5 Connect the motor cable.

That's all for assembling the conveyor belt. Now click the button below and learn to use the conveyor belt kit.

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