Replace the cracked case

📅Update: 2020/09/28

1. Tools

  1. M2.5 Hex Key

  2. Phillips Screwdriver x 2

  3. Tweezers

2. Disassemble the cracked case.

2.1 Disassemble the black base.

Use an M2.5 Hex Key to unscrew the 6 hex screws.

2.2 Disconnect the motor cables, switch wire, and the 5-pin front end signal cable.

2.3 Disassemble the motherboard PCB.

Use a Phillips driver to unscrew the 4 motherboard screws.

2.4 Disassemble the base encoder board.

2.5 Disassemble the base reducer.

🧠 Note: There are four small screws beside the magnet.

That's all to disassemble the base part. Now let's replace the new case.

3. Replace the new case.

3.1 Replace the base bearing to the new case part.

3.2 Put the motor cables and 5-pin cables through the case.

3.3 Assemble the reducer.

Use the Phillips screwdriver to fix 8 screws.

If one of the small screws stick on the magnet, use the tweezers to put it back and screw on.

3.4 Assemble the encoder board.

Assemble the encoder board and connect the short cable to the base motor.

3.5 Assemble the motherboard.

3.6 Cable connections.

Connect the #1, #2, #3 cables to the corresponding port and connect the 5-pin cable and the switch wire.

🧠 Note: be careful and don't break the motherboard.

3.7 Test your DexArm.

Connect it to Rotrics Studio, move it to the HOME position and test the font cable with your laser module.

3.8 Assemble the black base.

Now you've run through all the replacement steps. Have fun making!

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