Generate 3D Printing G-code with Cura

📅 Update: 2020/08/17

Generate G-code with Cura

1. Click here to download Cura software.

2. Download Cura configuration files and testing models on our Download Center.

Cura Profile for Rotrics DexArm

3. Open Cura, add printer into the software according to the following instructions:

It's required to add new printer when you open Cura for the first time. After adding, please jump to step 4 for generating G-code.

A. Click Machine and add a printer.

Machine -> Add printer -> Add a non-networked printer -> Custom -> Custom FFF printer

B. Change Printer name intoRotrics V1.0 , clickAdd to add a new printer.

C. Set the printer settings and extruder parameters:

  • X(Width) - 150 mm *this is the width of Rotrics plate. For other plate, please use related width.

  • Y(Depth) - 150 mm *this is the length of Rotrics plate. For other plate, please use related length.

  • Z(Height) - 270 mm

  • Origin at center - Yes

  • G-code flavor - Marlin

  • X min - 0

  • Y min - 0

  • X max - 0

  • Y max - 0

  • Start G-code, set the module as 3D printing module, set the filament position as 0 and motion mode as straight-line mode

;Start G-code
M888 P3
G92 E0 
  • End G-code, stop the cooling fan and stop heating the nozzle and lift up the nozzle after print is finished.

;End G-code
M106 S0
M104 S0
G0 Z20
  • Set extruder and filament parameters:

  • Nozzle Size - 0.4 mm

  • Compatible material diameter - 1.75 mm

D. Click Nextto complete printer setting

4. Click Rotrics V1.0 -> Manage printers -> Profiles -> Import to import the recommended Rotrics printing configuration files.

🧙‍♂️ Tips: If you haven't downloaded the configuration file in Step 2, click the following file to download > Cura Profile for Rotrics DexArm

You can also customize the printing parameters according to different filaments: layer height, fill density, printing temperature, print speed.

5. Upload your 3D model into workspace.

You can get 3D models from these methods:

  • Use 3D design software, like Fusion 360, Solidworks.

  • Use 3D scanner.

  • Through 3D model sharing website like Thingiverse.

6. Adjust 3D model size, orientation with the left control section.

🧠 Note: Make sure you've selected the correct machine and print profile before slicing.

7. Click Slice and then Save to File , save the G-code to your computer.

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