[Marlin] M906 - TMC Motor Current

📅Update: 2020/09/18


Set the current for a stepper motor in milliamps units.


  • Requires one or more TMC stepper drivers.


M906 [E<mA>] [I<index>] [T<index>] [X<mA>] [Y<mA>] [Z<mA>]


  • [E<mA>] Current for the E0 stepper

  • [I<index>] (>=1.1.9) Index for dual steppers. Use I1 for X2, Y2, and/or Z2.

  • [T<index>] (>=1.1.9) Index (tool) number for the E axis. If not specified, the E0 extruder.

  • [X<mA>] Current for the X stepper

  • [Y<mA>] Current for the Y stepper

  • [Z<mA>] Current for the Z stepper


Set the XYZ motor currents to 200mA

M906 X200 Y200 Z200

Set the E1 motor current to 10mA

M906 T1 E10

Set the X2 motor current to 5mA

M906 I1 X5

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