How to replace filament?

Learn how to replace filament on Youtube 👇

Or follow the instruction to replace the filament.

1) Preheat the nozzle to target temperature.

Open Terminal and Send the corresponding command and wait for it reaches the target temperature.

  • PLA: M109 S190

Or you can change filament with Touchscreen by going to 3D printing > change filament.

2) Press the black rubber ring

❗Please be careful and DO NOT touch the hotend.

3) Drag out the Bowden tube with the filament.

💡Tips: Press the ring with thumb and index finger and drag the tube with other fingers.

4) Drage filament out of the Bowden tube.

5) Insert the new filament into the extruder to protrude about 5cm out of Bowden Tube.

6) Insert the filament into the 3D printing module.

Keep inserting the filament until you see some filament coming out of the nozzle and couldn't insert deeper.

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