Sliding Rail Kit Installation Guide

1. Part List

  1. Linear Rail

  2. Motor Cage

  3. Base Block

  4. Coupling

  5. Step Motor

  6. DexArm Board

  7. Air Pump Box Board

  8. Wire Set

  9. Tool Kit

  10. Drag Chain Front Plate

  11. Drag Chain Mount Plate

  12. Hook

  13. M5*10 Countersunk Head Hex Screw

  14. M5*8 Hex Socket Screw

  15. M5*10 Hex Socket Screw

  16. M3*4 Countersunk Head Hex Screw

  17. M3*6 Hex Socket Screw

  18. M5 Square Nut

  19. Elastic Rubber Ring

  20. Step Motor Wire

  21. 1.5M DC Y Power Splitter

  22. 1.5M USB A-C Cable

  23. 10*2mm Rubber Stopper

  24. Foot Mat

2. Start Assembly

2.1 Prepare cable and drag chain.

2.1.1 Use a tap to fix the DC Y power splitter, 4-pin motor cable, USB A-C cable together.

2.1.2 Insert them into the drag chain.

2.2 Prepare for assembling.

2.2.1 Insert the rubber stoppers into the base.

2.2.2 Put the square nuts into the lower slide of linear rail.

  • Put 8 square nuts to the side of motor axis

  • Put 4 square nuts to the other side.

2.3 Assemble the base.

2.4 Assemble the drag chain plates.

  • The front plate is near the motor axis.

  • The back plate is on another side.

2.5 Assemble the motor cage.

2.6 Assemble the coupling to the step motor.

🧠 Note: leave a 4mm gap between coupling and the step motor.

2.7 Assemble motor to linear rail.

2.7.1 Fix motor with M4 screws.

Note: make sure the cable port is facing the drag chain plates.

2.7.2 Fasten coupling with linear rail.

2.8 Fix the hook onto the air pump box board.

M3*4 Countersunk Head Hex Screw x 2.

2.9 Fix the air pump box board onto the DexArm board.

M3*6 Hex Socket Screw x 4

2.10 Assemble the DexArm board.

M5*10 Countersunk Head Hex Screw x 4

2.11 Assemble the drag chain.

M3*4 Countersunk Head Hex Screw x 4.

2.12 Connect the motor cable.

3. Connect with DexArm

3.1 Mount DexArm

Remove four foot mats from the black base before mount DexArm.

🧙‍♂️ Tips: be careful when you remove the foot mats, make sure it's sticky for next use.

Fix DexArm on the DexArm board with the M4 hex screws in the DexArm's cable box.

🧙‍♂️ Tips: To start picking and placing tasks, we can mount the air pump box on the air pump box board.

3.2 Connect cables.

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