Safety enclosure wiring changes

📅 Update: 2020/09/30

In our original design, the safety enclosure fan is controlled by DexArm via the PWM cable, which is using the same controlling IO as the 3D printing heater. But this design has a safety risk. When using the laser module, if the Arm 2*6Pin is connected to the 3D printing module by accident, the heater will be heated continuously with the highest power, which may cause damage to the 3D printing module, or burn your skin, or cause a fire.

For safety reasons, we have redesigned the enclosure fan control logic in our latest firmware (V2.1.8). And in order to ensure the normal operation of the enclosure fan, we have changed the enclosure wiring method. If your enclosure hasn't been shipped yet, we will send you the enclosure in the new wiring method. If you have received the enclosure already, please kindly adjust the wiring manually according to the following steps:

1. Take the black cable(marked in the red) out of the plastic shell:

2. Move the black cable outer sheath and solder the wire to the PCB( as shown in the following picture):

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