“G-code sending task started...” Error

To avoid users accidentally clicking Rotrics Studio when DexArm working on drawing, laser, and 3D printing tasks, we implemented a Serial listener to detect the Serial port communication. It will report "G-code sending task started please do not repeat" and STOP sending any G-code commands when the Serial port is sending commands.

But when Rotrics Studio hasn't received the parameter from DexArm, it will also STOP sending G-code commands and report "G-code sending task started please do not repeat".

Under our test, if we turn OFF or lose the connection of DexArm when sending G-codes such as power OFF DexArm, leveling and upgrade firmware, the Error will occur.


Restart DexArm and Rotrics Stuio and reconnect DexArm.

We are fixing this bug in the current V1.0.0 version. If you encountered this bug in the released V1.0.0 version, please report the error by emailing support@rotrics.com

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