Q1: How to upgrade Rotrics firmware?

In the past few weeks, we kept optimizing the firmware of Rotrics arm even after the first batch shipped. It means that the first batch doesn't come with the newest firmware, we need to upgrade it before start using Rotrics Arm.

Please follow the instruction below to upgrade your Rotrics Arm's firmware.

With Rotrics Studio V0.1.2 or above

1) Download Rotrics Studio -

2) Go to the Setting page and click update.

*Don't use any VPN service during upgrading.

3) Wait for the upgrade process complete.

During the upgrade process, DexArm will be disconnected, don't worry it will reconnect in the next few seconds.

💡If it is stuck in load firmware more than 1 minute, reconnect DexArm, and try again.

Once reconnect, it will pop up a window to upgrade firmware.

If failed to upgrade, check this troubleshooting to solve the problem - HERE.

Q2: How to upgrade the touchscreen firmware?

1) Download the newest version of touchscreen firmware on:

2) Unzip and copy those files to replace the files in SD card.

3) Insert the SD card to your touchscreen, connect to Rotrics Arm and power on.

Wait for 30s-1min, the touchscreen will reboot after upgrading completed. Do not power off the touchscreen during upgrading!

After upgrading, click Settings -> About to make sure the firmware has been upgraded to the newest version.

❗If the upgrade failed or the screen goes black, follow this instruction to fix it -

Q3: How to re-calibrated DexArm or reset encoder values?

If the robot arm got stuck during operation, you need to reset the encoder value with the following steps:

1. Adjust the arm to the following position, make sure Axis 1 and Axis 2 is in the maximum position:

2. Open Rotrics Studio and click Terminal, send the command M889. The robot will read and save this position.

3. Then send command M1112, the Arm will move to HOME position (X0 Y300 Z0).

4. Encoder value reset completed, you can move the arm smoothly now.